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Be the best by having a SkyFold ceiling wall system in your building, school, or office. Skyfold is the ultimate operable wall system that only Partition Specialties installs in all of California, parts of Nevada, and Hawaii. Regarded as a unique and clean design of moveable walls, the Skyfold wall system is concealed into the ceiling. It is easy to operate. Just a flick of a switch and the SkyFold CA walls will move smoothly up into a special panel built into the ceiling. Ideal for large areas that need to create smaller or divided spaces that are sound proof and have an asthetic appeal. Skyfold is known to improve interiors for theaters, large classrooms, airports, corporate offices and anyone needing to separate a room with style. To create an open feeling, Skyfold CA now offers clear wall panels. A variety of wall finishes will compliment all office decors and classroom interiors.

The majority of moveable and operable walls must be seen when closed, not the SkyFold Operable Wall System. It is concealed into the ceiling giving the interior office more room, cleaner appearance and the enjoyment of a plush style environment. Many companies, government agencies, including Camp Pendelton, use the SkyFold system. That's because it provides more flexible space for their gymnasium, meeting rooms, music center, banquet rooms as well as the conference room. Although moveable walls and accordion walls are good, only SkyFold CA offers the solution for full use of an office or meeting room.

Get more value in today's office market with a SkyFold Wall System installed by Partition Specialties. Finish your area with Tate Raised Flooring, then add Fabricmate to the walls for added use. You will get professional treatment and pleasure from PSI by their superior craftsmanship.

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